Staying motivated

Remaining motivated and putting in the effort.

How does one remain motivated to succeed and get reward from this great hobby? The answer may be more simple than you think.

First of all you need to find out what makes you tick. Is it History? Treasure? Gold? Hone in on what you enjoy the most and immerse yourself in it.

You Tube!

Personally I found great value in watching you tube video after you tube video as I could see others having success and I can visualise myself in their shoes. Plus you learn a great deal from watching the pros in action.  Without these inspirational and entertaining videos I would never have gotten into this great hobby of metal detecting.

Some great videos to search for include “Treasure Hunting America”, “Saving History” or “Diggers” which are very entertaining and educational.

Try and Try Again!

Once you start this hobby you will not be blessed with huge success right off the bat. Practice makes perfect. like anything in life you need to work at it. I recommend you leave your detector on all metal mode and dig everything in the beginning. This will allow you to get to know what signals mean what and give you lots of pinpointing and recovery practice. perseverance is key.

Eureka! Your finding cooler stuff!

After a few outings with your detector you will eventually find something good like a ring or pre-decimal coin. This will be the fuel for the fire. Unearthing this will give you that rush of adrenaline that will be stored in your memory for good. You will want more and more. The more you get the more you want and the more successful you will become. The anticipation of your next find is hugely motivational.


Get involved in a network and find friends with similar interests. There are many detectorist clubs across the country, Here in Adelaide we have some exceptional clubs with very friendly and helpful members all passionate about the hobby of metal detecting. If you are interested in joining these clubs, drop us an email to get more information.

Keep your coil to the soil! Good Luck!

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